Alcohol Ya Later, Hangover!

Wow! Is it already Monday, AGAIN? I feel like I just got back from my mini Memorial Weekend vaca-extravaganza on Anna Maria Island. What a blast that was (although some of the memories are a little foggy)! 

I’m not a heavy drinker, but how often do I have all of my best friends in one place for more than just a couple of hours? Not very often, and so we made sure to take full advantage of everything that the island had to offer — the sun, the food, and the most colorful and tropical drinks we could find on the menu!


It’s hard to admit sometimes, but I can no longer drink like the “classy” gals we see on the BarStoolSports Insta page; and a hangover in your late twenties is equivalent to getting kicked in the face by a miniature pony. I have tried to accept the fact that my body can’t bounce back as quickly as it used to, but this past weekend I came across an almost magical pill that can make the craziest of nights seem like child’s play! 

Introducing the Activated Charcoal Pill.


From face wash and toothpaste to hair masks and deodorant, the charcoal trend has made quite an impact in the beauty world. Charcoal is a natural ingredient that helps trap toxins and chemicals in the body, and flushes them out. It whitens teeth, relieves gas and bloating, reduces high cholesterol, cleanses your digestive system, aids in anti-aging and is just overall amazing for your body and health. It also prevents hangovers! Story time!

Last Saturday, one of my friends who doesn’t drink often made very good friends with the bottle of Cupcake Prosecco that I had stashed in the fridge of my island rental. After a failed attempted game of Prosecco Pong,we dabbled in some Fireball and chased the cinnamon descendent of Satan down with some craft beers. Ten Chris Brown song’s later, we were calling the Monkey Bus to take us to the nearest bar! For those of you who don’t know, the Monkey Bus is an actual bus that takes locals anywhere they want to go on the island, for tips. You can bring your alcohol with you and never have to worry about drinking and driving! Needless to say….We. Got. Crazy.


I remember all of us smiling and laughing and dancing and in that moment, we were invincible! And then my friend got sick. Oh, crap. Now what? We were responsible for the well-being of our friend and now she’s sick in a parking lot and thirty minutes from her condo. We took her back to my place, made her a bed on the couch and put the trash can by her when she says, “give me my charcoal pills”. She explained that one pill would help her feel better and prevent her from having a hangover the next morning. She popped one and passed out quicker than you can say, “Courtney loves everybody!” (inside joke). 

Seven a.m. rolls around. My friend Kaity decided to make her way to Publix for some hangover remedies when my other friend pops up like something out of horror movie and exclaims, “I’m fine, I feel great!” Are you kidding me right now? We thought she was going to be retired for the remainder of the weekend; yet there she was, glowing and folding her bedsheets like Cinderella, as if she wasn’t just slumped over in the parking lot five hours prior! We were shocked, and she explained yet again how her activated charcoal pills had her feeling fantastic. No stomach ache, no headache, NO HANGOVER. 

After witnessing this miracle, we all figured we would give the charcoal pills a try. After all, we had three more days of vacation left and were planning on having more drinks later that night. Again, I don’t drink often and when I do, it’s very minimal and casual. I literally have NO idea what got into all of us that weekend, but it was like we were twenty one years old again. At the end of the night, we took an activated charcoal pill and went to sleep. The next morning I felt unbelievably refreshed–like I just had the best sleep of my life on a pull-out couch. I didn’t have the slightest headache!

To make a long story short, I felt the need to share this tid-bit of information with you all. Seriously, this pill could have been extremely beneficial in the past! But now you all know…if you’re wanting to have some drinks mid-week or get a little swirly (New Girl reference) this weekend, invest in some activated charcoal pills from GNC or Amazon. They won’t let you down.

But no pressure! 😉


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