Swimsuits to Flaunt This Summer

Is it bikini season already?! I swear that Spring Training just started, and now here I am; ten pounds fluffier (no thanks to the margs at Tiger Town) and wondering how the hell I’m going to squeeze my peach into a bathing suit this Summer. I am convinced that they are getting smaller and smaller every year! 

Besides Insta models and my fit af friend Kiera, does anyone really LOVE going shopping for swimsuits? Every time I do, I end up leaving in the worst mood. I can’t even remember the last time I bought a bikini bottom because I can’t see myself spending money on something that I hate putting on. I bought a pair of black bottoms like three years ago and since then I just buy different tops to mix and match with it. Seriously, I’m pretty sure that wine sales skyrocket right before beach season and it’s not because it’s Spring Break. 

After expressing my concerns with my best friends for the 14th year in a row, I realized that every single one of us have our “problem areas” that we wish we had less (or more) of. Especially as one stares at themselves in the funhouse mirror of Target, as the fluorescent lighting shines a spotlight on every dimple on their thighs. A real confidence booster, I tell ya…but hey, if dimples are cute on your face, then why can’t they be cute on  your booty too?

Ready or not though, we will all be heading to the beach (or pool, or lake, or sprinkler?) at some point or another, so we started sharing our favorite places to buy swimwear. Now, we can all agree that we miss Victoria’s Secret’s fun and flirty swimwear, but there are still some great places with adorable suits for affordable prices! My friend Jorden loves her one pieces from Cupshe and Courtney is obsessed with Target. My rather busty friends and hot mamas tend to buy their suits from Bare Necessities and Venus

I know that some of my itty bitty friends will sometimes shop Amazon (click at your own risk), but I’m not really sure if I trust a two dollar bikini that’s shipping from China. One time I purchased a suit from either Amazon or Shein and when it arrived, the material was a horrible quality and very unforgiving. I don’t know if this is the worst part or the best part but it was so freakin’ tiny, when I put it on, I looked like Borat. I should know by now that I need to try everything on first before I buy it. Man, I wish I still had that picture!


Does that give you a good visual of my situation? Haha. Anyways! It seems as if the trend this summer is all things Gingham patterns, florals and fruits; and so I have been trying to find the perfect pineapple bikini. Now I am in no way a fashion blogger, but you all asked for it, so here are some of mine and my friend’s favorite patterns and styles for all body types to flaunt this summer!


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Swimsuit shopping can be brutal, but it doesn’t have to be. There are plenty of ways to be trendy and stylish, all while being confident. All jokes aside, I may not always like my body, but I do embrace my curves; and in the words of Ashley Graham, “the best way to get a beach body is to have a body and go to the beach!”

What are some of your favorite patterns and styles of bathing suits/bikinis for this upcoming Summer? I am always looking to find something unique, yet comfortable–and preferably something that won’t knock my goods out of place when the salty waves crash against my sweet cheeks. My friends and I will thank you when we are three margaritas deep and floating on a flamingo raft on Anna Maria Island. 


7 thoughts on “Swimsuits to Flaunt This Summer”

  1. Dillards has great suits! I’m a little partial though, one of my besties is the corporate swim buyer of their exclusive brands. They’re seriously cute though, take a look at Daniel Cremieux & Gianni Bini brands.

    Also I bought a cute pineapple suit off Amazon! I believe it’s actually a Cupshe suit (which is Chinese btw haha). It’s a little too “cheeky” but I’m gonna rock it on our anniversary cruise where I won’t know anybody! Lol!


    1. Yeah, I’ve had great results from Cupshe though! Amazon and Shein have been awful for me! But I guess everyone has their own horror stories and go-to’s! 😂

      I LOVE Gianni Bini everything…but I think we have already had that conversation before. I’m obsessed. And girl, you have been working out so hard, you look fantastic! You are going to look amazing in your swimsuit. And if you hate it…🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️🙋🏽‍♀️


  2. Well I’m checking our Brittany’s brand now cause hellurrrr mom status and struggling to find anything that doesn’t make me feel like an overstuffed cupcake…

    That striped CupShe was ADORBSSS! I definitely had the GET IN MY CLOSET vibe from that.


  3. Ya…. I got nothing.

    Unless you want to hear how I buy my ‘almost’ four year old daughter pink swim shorts and colorful, long sleeve, swim shirts for our boat days so her legs and arms don’t get burned. Yes, I let her pick them out. Yes, sometimes they don’t match. And yes, she hates me applying sunscreen on her legs and face just like every toddler in the world. If you heard it, you would definitely think I were spraying her with mace…. It is somewhat comical actually.

    I will just keep rockin’ my American Flag swim shorts and American Flag bandanna while flying my five foot American flag from the back of the boat! America!

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